Monday, February 28, 2011

6 month old Harbour Revolver...came in this weekend - for sale

A real nice, like new condition Harbour Revolver came into the shop this weekend.  Ridden only a handfull of times...7'4" single fin.  Light grey resin tint top & bottom - $550  ***SOLD***

HP1 fin.

deck shot...

rocker shot.

bottom shot.

A classic Greg Noll that found it's way into the shop -For Sale.

This 9'9" Classic Greg Noll found it's way into the shop a little while ago.  Vintage early to mid 1960’s Greg Noll stock pig shape in real nice condition. Glassed on single fin with Greg Noll lam and trademark chopstick inside the fin...a bit hard to see, but they are there!  Red resin panels top & bottom, 3/4 inch redwood stringer with layered wood tailblock...deck and bottom are in real nice condition and all original.   "Greg Noll" in lam is faded out, but still there.  Cool piece for hangin or riding...$750   SOLD

chopstick & lam in fin...hard to see but still there.


another deck shot


collage... view

tailblock & stringer

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 1st Surfboard

My 1st board was a mid 70's - 6' Michaels Fremont single fin...double ender. My Dad bought it for $50 from a buddy in hangs on the ceiling of my shop. Learned to surf that summer at Nauset Beach in Orleans, Cape Cod...down on the south end past the guards. My pops took myself and a buddy to Jasper's Surf Shop and we rented wetsuits for the 59 degree leashes, didn't know what one was. After swiming a whole lot in the cold(er) water, we went back to Jaspers and he drilled a hole in the fin and put on a leash and we rented a couple of wetsuits. That was the coolest I will always remember.

3 or 4 years ago I had it in the window at the shop for an early morning message from a guy claiming he shaped the board. Met up with him later and found out it was Mickey a lawyer in Encinitas, CA. He was in the area for a wedding and was trying to track down some of his old boards.  He grew up in NYC and he and a buddy shaped boards on the 3rd floor of his buddy's parents department store.  He hung in the shop that morning and shared stories of shaping boards in the 70s and growing up in NYC.  Turns out mine was glassed at the famed Channin Glass Factory in Encinitas...he could tell by the pinlines  He wanted to buy the board, but I wouldn't let it go...Mickey appreciated that someone wanted it as much as he did.  Meeting Mickey was way cool...a real nice guy and a piece of surf history.

Jasper's Surf Shop...a true classic & my first real Surf Shop experience.

Jasper's Surf shop in Eastham, Mass, Cape Cod...since 1967.  The building is still there on Route 6A, a few miles north of the Orleans rotary.  As a kid, my Dad would take us there to rent Sunfish sailboats and to look at the longboards and Dad didn't surf, so this was all foreign to me.  I can remember walking into the shop and stepping onto the sand floors...there wasn't much in there, but what was in there was cool.  There were some transition single fins, longboards, Birdwells, tee shirts, stickers and really cool local surf shots on the wall...the place was dripping with Soul.  Jaspers is also connected with Wellfleet's "Old Timers's Surf Classic" held each summer. 

The summer I started surfing, 1979, we got up to the Cape in Dad had just bought me my 1st Surfboard, a 5'10"  Michaels Freemont single fin, double ender.  My buddy Doug had just picked up his 1st board at a garage sale...a mini mal McTavish Tracker.   We were ready to go.  We got down to Nauset Beach and found some waist high peelers rolling in by the south unguarded beach.  We jumped in and caught a couple waves...the water was 59 degrees.  Not a problem, except we didn't have any wetsuits...or leashes for that matter.  We did lots of swimming that morning...and got really cold!  We asked one of the local surfers where to rent a suit...or a 'smug' as he callled it.  He sent us to Jaspers and we rented a couple suits.  I got an old O'neill long john and Doug got an old 3/2 full...made all the difference in the world.  Later that week, we got up for a dawn patrol session and found Doug's suit missing...they were drying out on the railing of our deck.  We were staying at a little cottage in Orleans, right on Boland's Pond, behind Ellis Market and the Nauset Middle School.   As we thought what happened, we realized that we had just heard the garbage truck.  Even though the garbage men denied it, we knew what happened...problem was, we had to explain it to Jasper.  The guys were cool and we got another suit...they treated us well and earned our business.

We paid our dues that summer, got some fun waves and knew we were hooked.  I'll never forget that summer and all the fun Doug and I had learning to surf and learning to respect the ocean.  Thanks Dad for getting me my 1st surfboard, (it still hangs on the ceiling of our shop) thanks Doug for sharing those awesome early days and thanks Jasper's Surf Shop for showing us the way and trating us like surfers and not the kooks that we really were.
My first surfboard...ceiling of the shop.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I know it's not surfing, but....boy is it inspiring. Miracles do Happen!

Today is the anniversary of "The Miracle on Ice"...February 22, 1980.  I wasn't a huge Hockey fan, but as a 15 year old boy growing up in the Northeast, Olympic Hockey was the ultimate!  The Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid, NY and the USA Hockey team was made up of a bunch of no-name college players with a whole ton of heart.  The Russian Red Machine had won 8 of the last 9 Olympic Hockey gold medals, including the past 4 in a row.  They haden't lost an Olympic hockey game since 1968...and were clearly the best hockey team in the world and the clear favorite to win the Gold Medal.  I remember it like it was yesterday!

Team USA...celebration!

A picture speaks a million words...Jim Craig

The ultimate Captain...Mike Eruzione
 and hadn't lost a game in the Olympics since I remember it like it was yesterday!

Cool short your local Surf Shops.

There's no mystery...the economy is rough to say the least.  Things are bad out there...the more you look around, the more you see it.  At the end of each month, you see more and more empty stores and more and more "Going out of Business" signs.  I like to think we're as far down as we can go and the only way is up...not sure if I'm right, but the optimist in me is telling me so.  You wonder what it is you can do to help...surely shopping locally can help.  Over the past year, I know that I've been making a concentrated effort to support my local businesses...the ones that support local families and treat me right.  I found this cool short film that explains things a bit more...Shop Locally and Support Your LOCAL Surf Shop...things will get better.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An early 1970s Nat Young single

Another board from the ceiling of the shop.  This is a 1971 Transition Era Single Fin, 6'0", shaped by Nat Young...cutting edge for its time.  Grog (from the famed Grog's Surf Palace in Seaside) had Nat Young shape about 20 of these beauties and had Rise Surfboards and Glassing glass em Northern Monmouth County.  The original owner won this beauty at a "movie night" in Ortley Beach back in 1971...nice ride.
nice lines...

bottom lam.

deck lam.

Nat's signature.

A few more customs...from Clean Ocean Surfboards.

I got a few more customs from Tony at Clean Ocean Surfboards...see what can be done as we place orders for Spring.
twice baked potato, war pig & a tombstone fish 2

a couple of fun guns...performance funshapes- a quad & a thruster

Handmade in the USA!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The State of "S". Tom Curren and Rincon...enough said.

Something about the way Tom Curren surfs...the true Stylemaster.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beach House video...a little bit about the shop.

Right before last summer, a friend approached me on doing a quick video about the shop...he needed to do something to add to his resume.  We put something together real quick.  Check it out...I think it came out well and gives you a small idea of what we're about.  Keep in mind that being in front of the camera isn't my gig...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christian Surfers Manasquan sponsored Jesse Hines and Esther Faith concert...awesome time with awesome people.

This past Saturday Night...February 5th, Professional surfer Jesse Hines and Esther Faith played a concert at the Manasquan Recreation Center.  The Christian Surfers of Manasquan sponsored the event and food was brought in by Fins and Jersey was an awesome time!  I went over with my son Shane, & Derek... Nestor, Tommy Moran and the rest of the Christian Surfers did a great job putting things together.   Jesse and Esther Faith played some great music...Jesse showed his testimonial; what an awesome roll model for young kids & man does he rip!  The two of them are awesome people...they talked with everyone and shared surf stories and Faith stories and were super down to earth.  I look forward to the next event.

the Christian Surfers, Nestor, Tommy, myself, Jesse, Derek & my son Shane

Jesse's drummer...checkin Jesse in the barrell!

JESSE HINES: profile faith from Nic Mc on Vimeo.

Some new Clean Ocean surfboards hit the shop...Derek's got a new shred sled.

Just got a delivery of new sticks from Clean Ocean Surfboards...a bunch of custom orders and a couple for the rack. Derek's 5'10", custom paint jobbed, quad/thruster Hot Potato...look at that smile.
Flying Potato
Anchors Away

9'0" PLB2...round pin

Hipster ...9'2" Midway

J. Brother - New Movie...hopefully coming soon.

Thanks to Smokey, I came across this trailor for J.Brother's new movie Shorter.  I've heard lots about it, but haven't heard when it's coming out...

Friday, February 4, 2011

R.I.P. Leroy Grannis..."the Grandfather of Surf Photography"

Leroy Grannis, the Grandfather of Surf Photography has sadly passed away at 93. Surf photography gets no better. He really captured the whole lifestyle... made you feel like you were actually in the photo. His contributions will last forever and he will be surely missed. A few of my favorite photos...

The man himself...

Hap in his early days...
The Cat...Dora Lives.

All for a few good waves...well worth it.

Dewey...drop knee.

Buzzy Trent...

Barrelled in the Outer Banks...Feel it.

The Outer Banks, NC get barrells!  Check this video out...from the inside out.  Not my style in music, but it works.