Sunday, January 29, 2012

A little Baja, Mex with Richard Kenvin and Tony Alva

A little Baja, Mex with Richard Kenvin and Tony Alva....via Surfers Journal

Who is J.O.B.? Check this out...

Jamie O'brien...good sized Pipeline on a Costco Foamie.  Enough said.

Check out this video at Backdoor Pipe...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cool 70s Surfer Magazine- December 1974

A friend brought in cool vintage Surfer Magazine...December 1974. What a cool read! There were some really great ads that screamed 'transition era', along with some really rad photos and killer articles!  What stood out to me was an article about Uluwatu, written by Neil Stebbins that had some unreal photography, including this one of Gerry Lopez carving a nice long, left wall. 
Gerry Lopez - Uluwatu

Reno Abellira wrote a great piece on surfing the North Shore and Billy Hamilton wrote about The Duke Classic, won by Larry Bertleman in "windy, 12-15 foot Sunset Beach surf. The water was extremely demanding and the riptide at its very worst."  "Real hold-your-ass stuff." 
Killer Jacobs add...

Cadillac wheels & Sunshine Surfboards

There was a super cool Design Forum called Reaching for Energy...about fin evolution, the Aipa Stinger,  the California Keel Fin & the flex tail.  Reading these old mags, lets you see just how we got from there to where we are now...take the time to check them out if you ever get a chance.
Stay Stoked,
George Greenough...carving some of the hardest bottom turns ever.

Bing Bonzer ad...head shaper Mike Eaton & one of the eras best flicks...5 Summer Stories.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little Handplane love in the shop...some new and some old.

George, from Bridge Ave. Boards dropped off a few more handplanes...1 from multi colored foam and the other 2 from  many types of wood.  He's a real craftsman and does an awesome job with his shaping and finish work.

A good surfing buddy, Bob Lott, dropped off his original handplane that he shaped in 1982...solid balsa.  He took a Lightning Bolt hand gun and shaped himself a balsa...and rode the heck out of it!  Up and down the East Coast from New Jersey to Florida...Manasquan Inlet to Sebastian Inlet...this bad boy has seen lots of waves.  Quite a few Barbadoes sessions as well...pretty cool!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mid Winter Movie awesome time!

Friday Night was a real great time...thanks to everyone that came out & especially to everyone that sponsored the event!  Thanks to Bay Head Fire Department, Harpoon Willys, Patagonia, D. McKenna Photography, Green Light Surf Supplies, Bridge Ave Boards, Brian Norling Photography, Nate Surf Art, Randy from Tuckerton Handplanes and of course DJ Trish .. Great Food, Great Movie and Great People.
the setting...

My beautiful wife & I!  That's George's handplane collection behind us.

Deano...winning the shorty

We went old school on this one... Movie Night was held at the Bay Head Fire House and there was a bit of an art/photography show.  We played the Malloy Brother's new movie Come Hell or High Water, followed by Thomas Campbell's Sprout.  One of our surfing buddies,  Jimmy,  is an owner of Harpoon Willys... he brought an awesome spread of eats...some really great burger and pulled pork sliders and a bunch of other appetizers!  Patagonia raffled off a couple of their unbelievable wetsuits, D. Mckenna and Brian Norling Photography raffled off some awesome local surf shots, Randy donated a real nice wooden handboard and Nate a cool bodysurfing drawing...sorry if I missed anyone.
D Macks photos...

Jimmy...explaining Patagonia's wetsuit technology.
Nice handplane!

Big Steve...winning some D. Mack photography.

Trish...spinnin some tunes.

The girls

A few of the boys...

Some winners of Skeeter's photos.

Otter, winning some surf art...

Jimmy...winning a Skeeter photo.
Skeeter, winning a killer Patagonia R2 fullsuit!

Jamie with his winnings!
Phil...looking happy with his winnings...welcome.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Surf Movie Night - this Friday January 20th 7-10pm - Bay Head Fire House... A bit of Summer in the Middle of the Winter!

Join us for a mid-winter Surf Movie Night...put a bit of Summer in the Middle of the Winter!  Some great sponsors.