Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jetty helps out big time...

Yesterday, I received an email from Cory and Jeremy from Jetty Life Clothing, right here in Ocean County, NJ. The have raised a whole lot of money from the sales of their Sandy Relief t-shirts, that will go to help families and first response teams in all the shore communities. They asked me who in Bay Head could use their help. I got them in touch with Pastor Scott Bostwick of St. Paul’s Methodist Church in town. Scott and his crew are doing some awesome work, serving 300-400 meals a day…residents, workers, police officers & National Guardsmen stop into get warm, have a meal, get warm clothing or just talk…truly a heartwarming place.

Jeremy asked Scott what they needed to continue their efforts and then wrote out a nice sized check to help meet their needs

In times like these, people really show their true colors…both Jetty and St. Pauls are a true blessing to our community.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy...serious destruction.

On Monday, October 29th, Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey Coastline like a freight train causing crazy devestation...rocking so many shore communities.  The eye came onshore just below Atlantic city with 90 mph winds and 25 to 30 ft. waves! We own a surf shop in Bay Head, 1 block off the ocean and 1 block from the bay...we live in Brick, 3 1/2 miles inland from the shop. We just got power back at home after 10 days..speculation says Bay Head may not have power until December... boy do I Hope they're wrong! The National Guard is still manning all entrances and cruising the streets, keeping things in order...thank God, and only business owners and home owners are allowed entrance into town. As I type this, it's 28 degrees, there's 8 inches of snow on the ground from last night's N'or Easter... something we surely didn't need. Since typing the story below, we've been going into town to help out those that have fared worse than we have, in an atttempt to restore some stoke back into the community members wherever we can.

written after my 1st time back into Bay Head.
A buddy and a customer, Brian Hajeski reacts to the rubble on the Mantoloking Bridge.

Here to stay -One of our surf instructors, Tim Britt...classic.

Long time friend & Beach House employee...Currie Wagner stands amongst the rubble of his Grandmother's 100 year old home.

The new Howe Street Jetty

Used to be a house at the entrance to North just pilings.

The Atlantic...flowing down North Street early on.

At the end of Howe Street
A friend's Mantoloking home...destroyed...heartbreaking.
The Bay Head 'rock wall' that saved homes from even worse destruction

'Sandy's Whale' found amongst the rubble in front of the shop.

A Bumper Car on Mantoloking Beach...all the way from Seaside...10 miles to the South

the famed 'South Beach Guard Shack'...reduced to rubble.


...and after.
the break through at the Mantoloking Bridge.