Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jetty helps out big time...

Yesterday, I received an email from Cory and Jeremy from Jetty Life Clothing, right here in Ocean County, NJ. The have raised a whole lot of money from the sales of their Sandy Relief t-shirts, that will go to help families and first response teams in all the shore communities. They asked me who in Bay Head could use their help. I got them in touch with Pastor Scott Bostwick of St. Paul’s Methodist Church in town. Scott and his crew are doing some awesome work, serving 300-400 meals a day…residents, workers, police officers & National Guardsmen stop into get warm, have a meal, get warm clothing or just talk…truly a heartwarming place.

Jeremy asked Scott what they needed to continue their efforts and then wrote out a nice sized check to help meet their needs

In times like these, people really show their true colors…both Jetty and St. Pauls are a true blessing to our community.

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dj trish said...

so True Eric
I helped out a little at St Pauls today.It felt good!