Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jon Wegener's newest Project...the Bluegill model, alaia hybrid

I just got an update from Margaret at Bing & Jacobs Surfboards...check out Jon Wegener's newest project.  They're available for order from 5'8" to 8'0" and retail around $700.

DESCRIPTION: The Bluegill is Jon Wegener's response to the tentative alaia customer who may look at the alaia's lack of volume and shy away from trying one. While possessing the amazing speed and slidey turns of the alaia, the Bluegill also has the wave catching ability of its foam counterpart.
Applying wood on the rails to maintain an alaia's flex, a foam core for float, a flatter rocker line for speed, and a pair of miniature twin Pauwlonia wood fins for added stability, Jon has introduced a design that performs comparably to the alaia which everyone can enjoy. Not only are novice surfers now able to catch waves with the Bluegill and enjoy the speed of an alaia, but practiced alaia riders are also excited about the Bluegill because the ease of paddle gives them access to breaks with strong currents or that are far from shore, while still fulfilling the need for speed!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Newest sled in my quiver - Clean Ocean Surfboards...MAGIC Potato!

This winter I added my newest wave machine to my quiver...a 6'10", 23.5 wide thruster, known as the Magic Potato.  It's brought back some radness and manueverability to my surfing...catches waves like a big guy but turns like a little one

New INSIGHT Threads hit the racks...

Just got in a portion of our Spring INsight THreads...super rad and lookin good!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nectar - Original Simon Anderson Thruster

I pulled this Rocket Ship out of the back room!  5'4" Nectar...Original Simon Anderson Thruster.  Double winged swallow tail, channell bottom...a true piece of history.

Cleaning out the Back Room...couple cool photos.

Getting ready for summer, cleaning out the back room.  I came across lots of cool's a couple of cool photos:

First one's a photo of the original Islanders Surf Shop sign....the Bay Head shop.  I got the board from Ted Robinson, 1 of 2 brothers that owned the shop from 1964 to 1971.  The shop was the 1st surf shop in Bay Head, located on Bridge Avenue where the WASP currently sits.  Over time, there were a few Islanders shops besides Bay Head...Mantoloking, Ortley Beach, Ship Bottom (accross from Ron Jons) and Long Branch.  I had the board hanging in the shop for a couple of years untill 1 day Vito DaFranza (sp) came in and told me that he shaped it when he was 11 years old and sold it to the Robinson Brothers to use for their sign.  He proved it to me and now has it in his hands.

This one's a nice hollow South Swell photo of Mount Street...just up the street from the shop.  A perfect A-frame peeler taken the summer of 1997 by Phil can turn on!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Surfers Journal's in...great Hap Jacobs Article!

The new Journal came in and is a real good awesome Hap Jacobs article that's one of the best reads in a long while!  There's some real rad stories about Hap, Velzy, Greg Noll and other True legends.  In the 14 years I've been doing this, Haps the most humble, legendary, knowledgeable person I've met...and I'm grateful for it.  Grab a copy///you won't be dissapointed.

Photo on Canves - Bay Head Steamer by Skeeter

Local surfer, photographer and friend...Brian "Skeeter" Norling brought this piece of art by the shop!  It's one of his photographs of a Harris Street, Bay Head A-frame, printed on canvas.  It was taken in April 2009 and is 23 x 10 and is ready for the wall...$125   Check out more of Skeeters photos at

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Real fun South Swell rolled in yesterday...few friends out

Yesterday we had some fun little peelers...a nice sandbar not far from the shop was working real well.  Got some good ones with only a couple of buddies out.  Here's a couple of shop I snapped after we got out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another stick from the ceiling- Greg Noll Transition Era gun -belonged to Rabbit Kakai

This slider is an 8'6" Transition Era Greg Noll...once owned and signed by Rabbit Kakai and shaped by Charlie Galanta in the late 60s.  I picked this board up in San Diego from a nice woman named Gwen, who got it from Rabbit in's a photo as well as a note from her.  It's in decent shape,,,a bit sunburned, but a piece of History for sure.

Eric, I'm using a new technique with sending you this photo of Rabbit
and I and the's an 8"6' transitional board in good condition.
The original owner was Rabbit Kekai from Hawaii...I traded two of my
boards for this one of his in '68. Oh, I live in San Diego, thanks, Gwen

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back wall of the shop...going into the back room.

On the back wall, we've got some magazine covers, old school 60's magazine ads, photos, fins and other cool's a couple with more to follow.
An original 1960s water decal of Murph the it from a buddy, originally from England. Seamus Burgess gave this to me before he moved from Manasquan to Hawaii, where he lives and surfs today!

Really rad autographed photo of Mike Purpus at Pipe in Dan Merkel.  Really cool Pipe monster, that he sent to me in appreciation of selling his Jacobs, Mike Purpus models...awesome gesture!

9'0" Balsa beauty in the used board rack...from Equador

This solid balsa pintail rolled into the shop a little while ago...real nice rider!  Handmade in Montanita, Ecuador. Nice tailblock and noseblock to round it off...single fin glider!  $875