Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another stick from the ceiling- Greg Noll Transition Era gun -belonged to Rabbit Kakai

This slider is an 8'6" Transition Era Greg Noll...once owned and signed by Rabbit Kakai and shaped by Charlie Galanta in the late 60s.  I picked this board up in San Diego from a nice woman named Gwen, who got it from Rabbit in 1969...here's a photo as well as a note from her.  It's in decent shape,,,a bit sunburned, but a piece of History for sure.

Eric, I'm using a new technique with sending you this photo of Rabbit
and I and the board...it's an 8"6' transitional board in good condition.
The original owner was Rabbit Kekai from Hawaii...I traded two of my
boards for this one of his in '68. Oh, I live in San Diego, thanks, Gwen

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