Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cleaning out the Back Room...couple cool photos.

Getting ready for summer, cleaning out the back room.  I came across lots of cool's a couple of cool photos:

First one's a photo of the original Islanders Surf Shop sign....the Bay Head shop.  I got the board from Ted Robinson, 1 of 2 brothers that owned the shop from 1964 to 1971.  The shop was the 1st surf shop in Bay Head, located on Bridge Avenue where the WASP currently sits.  Over time, there were a few Islanders shops besides Bay Head...Mantoloking, Ortley Beach, Ship Bottom (accross from Ron Jons) and Long Branch.  I had the board hanging in the shop for a couple of years untill 1 day Vito DaFranza (sp) came in and told me that he shaped it when he was 11 years old and sold it to the Robinson Brothers to use for their sign.  He proved it to me and now has it in his hands.

This one's a nice hollow South Swell photo of Mount Street...just up the street from the shop.  A perfect A-frame peeler taken the summer of 1997 by Phil can turn on!

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