Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Fall Old School Boardswap went smooth...awesome day had by all.

Boards, Boards and more boards

front of the shop
On Sunday, September 25th, we held our 9th Annual board swap...we invited Bing Copeland and Matt & Margaret Calvani to come out for the event.  What an awesome, awesome day it was!  Bing did a book signing and we sold through 49 books, including my own.  I ordered some more and figured I can grab one when they're in.  Each season, the event gets better and better and this one was the best.  The weather was perfect, lots of really cool boards, cool people and the waves cooperated...waist to chest high peelers right up the end of the road...what more could you ask for?  The after party was held at a local Slider restaurant in Point Beach...The Longboard Grill and John and Daryl did an awesome job.  Merk threw in some Beach Haus beer and they were iced up and waiting.  We did our 1st Swap tee, with artwork by local longboard stylist Alex Barlow...now in NC.

still have some for sale...email me if interested

There were so many local stand out surfers, families, local legends, Bing team riders, hipsters and tons of cool old Bings.  All in all 9 states were represented from California to Florida, NYC, NJ, Connecticut, Deleware, Maryland, PA and Massachusettes...not a bad showing.  For me, the coolest boards I saw were brought by local surf legend Skip Fazio...a vintage emerald green Lightning Bolt with an electric blue bolt (used to hang over the counter of our 1st shop) and a near mint vintage Bing Nuuhiwa Noseriding Model.  Personally, I had such a blast catching up with old friends, spending time with my family, the OLC crew and Bing, Matt and Margaret....what a cool day!  Bob Barth showed up to catch up with Bing.  Bob owned a shop in Brielle...West Wind Surf Shop... in the mid to late 60s and he carried Bing and Rick Surfboards exclusively.  It was really cool to see these 2 catch up after all these years.

Just when you thought you saw so many Vintage Bings, local legend Carl Danish rolled up in his pick up truck with a dozen Vintage Bings.  No padding, no straps, covered with wax and dirt...each one had a story and he let Bing and Matt hear each one.  The coolest comment when Bing asked him how he got so many was..."I had a bunch more, but they were to deep under other vintage logs".  What a cool guy.

Carl's truck full of Bings

Yea...he's walking on that one

Thanks so much to all my buddies and family that helped out so much...the day and event wouldn't have been pulled off without you guys.  I'll pay you back...rest asured.  Thanks to Harry for bringing the best ever coffee...Harry & Beans and to Pat for bringing the grilling food and Scott for supplying the grill and the boards that were hanging in the LB Grill.

Thanks for another awesome day and I look forward to the next one.
Humh, I wonder if I can get that down...

cool Vintage twin fin

A Bing jem in the shop...

the crew at the LB Grill

My son Shane, Bing and I...love my new jacket

John and Nick were a huge help.

LB Grill

My lovely wife and myself

The OLC crew...

Bing signing Shane's Pintail

crew of hard workers...Margaret, getting things done.

Stevo...helping out all day

The crew after a successful day...thanks

 photos from Karyn Cusinelli...thanks.
photos from Margaret...thanks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9th Annual Old School Surf Swapmeet - September 25th -9 to 4...Bing Copeland Book Signing!

It's that time of year...waves weather and surfboards!  We're hosting our 9th Annual Fall, Old School Surf Swapmeet.  It's always a great time and this one promises to be the best!  We've got Legendary Surfer/Shaper, Bing Copeland coming out to do a book signing throughout the day...if you haven't checked out his new book, it's an awesome ride down memory lane.  Coming out with Bing are current Bing Surfboards shaper Matt Calvani...a craftsman in his own right, and longboard surf stylist, Margaret Yao Calvani.

Stop in to meet these guys, talk story and check out some classic boards while you're here.

I've created a Facebook Event page...go to our Beach House Facebook and hit 'Like' (link below) to follow the progress of the event.  We're encouraging people to let us know what you're bringing as well as what you're looking for.

There is no charge for selling boards- the Beach House is not responsible for boards bought or sold at the swap. You need to stay with your boards and be available to negotiate price.

You are welcome to bring surfboards and surfing memorabilia...NO WETSUITS or CLOTHING USED or NEW outside the shop. This creates an sidewalk sale, fleamarket atmosphere that is NOT ALLOWED BY THE TOWN OF BAY HEAD OR THE BEACH HOUSE.