Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A couple of new movies hit the shop today...stop in and check em out.

FEDEX just delivered a couple of new movies...both are well worth watching...

Mikey DeTemple's Sight/Sound...check out the trailor.

SIGHT from High Seas Films on Vimeo.

Next was Cyrus Sutton's newest release. Stoked & Broke.  WE HAVE FOUND the movie for our July 8th Movie Night...should be awesome on the big screen.  A super cool concept with some awesome surfing, a really smooth soundtrack and some interesting characters.  All I can say is I wanna surf Torrey Pines.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeper of the point - South of the Boarder...Baja Mexico...before it got to crazy!

Jusus, overlooking the break...look closely and you can see Johnny.
A few years back, I took a surf trip with 4 buddies to Baja Norte, Mexico. About an hour south of San Diego...we ran into some really fun surf! There was a nice right-hand, cobblestone point break just outside our house and a nice jetty set-up just to the real crowds and lots of fun waves! A giant 150 foot statue of Jesus Christ sat up on the could see it from the lineup...what a comforting feeling.

As the story was told to us, a local Mexican family bought some land and divided it into lots...when they sold the 1st lot, they made back their money. On the 2nd lot, they built this awesome statue to Thank God for what he had given them...really cool story.

The point outside our window...enough said.

the Original Taco Surf

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie Night #1...kick off to Summer 2011 - Saturday, June 11th

The 1st Movie Night of the Summer of 2011 was a great one...what an awesome turnout! We played Walking on Water and the night was sponsored by Christian Surfers Manasquan...DJ Trish opened the night with some music. It was a really cool surf community event with kids from all over Ocean County coming out to share in a great time! Lots of local surfers showed up despite the weather and a great time was had by all.

---Nestor & Marissa, thanks for the photos-----

Thanks to all my Family and Friends for all the help and making it such a great night! Nestor, Tom and the whole Christian Surfers guys are awesome! Shane and Derek...great guys inspire me to be a better person!

Shane, Derek, Tom, Trish & myself

Local boys

DJ Trish

My kids...the reason I'm here

Kara, Hope, Sandi & Nick

Marissa & Kelly

Gianna & Melanie

Shane, Derek & Coach Anthony

3 of the McKenna clan

Thursday, June 9, 2011

1st Movie Night of the Summer...Walking on Water

This Saturday, June 11th will be our 1st Movie Night to kick off the Summer of 2011!  We're showing Walking on Water, sponsored by the Christian Surfers Manasquan...should be a real fun night.  Entrance is free and we'll have some food and drink for all.  DJ Trish comes on around 7pm and the movie rolls at dusk.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Harbour surfboards - Super the shop

Just got some Harbours delivered...still a couple on the rack.  Stop in and check em out.

7'6" Super Revolver...2+1 fin set-up

new 'sketchy' lam

7'0" Super Revolver...2+1


A few more things from around the shop...

I've picked up some old albums here and are 3 that are cool.
Endless Summer, Morning of the Earth and Bustin Surfboards (Dewey)