Monday, May 31, 2010

A few more lams from around the shop...

Here's a few cool lams from around the shop...

An 8ft' Sunset Surfboards mini mal, from the early to mid 70s...shaped by Bill Shrosbree.  The board's in really nice shape!

Here's a lam from a Transition Era 6 footer, shaped by Nat Young in the early 70's...super cool board in awesome condition!  Also attached is Nat's signature.

This is a lam from a really nice shaped 10 fooot 'pig shape' with a 1 inch redwood stringer.  It reads "C.U.E.Surfboards, Custom Ultimate East, Lavalette, NJ" and is set inside a split 'Jacobs' style lam.  It was shaped a few miles North of the shop in the early 60s...pretty cool.

My lone Harbour...ceiling of the shop

I've been dealing with Rich Harbour for 14 years and our racks have been blessed with his beautiful boards and quality workmanship.  This is the lone Harbour in my collection and it proudly hangs on the ceiling in the middle of the shop.  9'0" transition Era, Harbour Rapier's got the original mermaid logo on the botoom and a super cool acid splash.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harry & Beans Coffee hits the shop...again!

Saw Harry at the Board Swap and he dropped off another batch of his mouthwatering coffee.  We've got 2 blends...Single Fin Glide is a mix of Costa Rican and Sumatra - a bit smoother for those afternoon sessions.  The second is his Dawn Patrol's a mix of Colombian , Kenyan, and Costa Rican - it packs more of a punch and is great before those early morning go-outs.

The taste is unreal...I think Harry says it best...

"I have three passions: my family, surfing and roasting the very best specialty coffee possible. Actually coffee is more of an obsession for me. I have spent countless hours perfecting the roasting process in the hopes of creating the ultimate coffee experience for my patrons..."    Harry

Click the link below to check out Harry's surfing and roasting styles...I truely believe that Harry is one of NJs best and see!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old School board swap...always one on my favorite days.

The swap went off great.  We had a real good turnout...boardspace was limited by 8:30 am, but more space was made.  Harry Gale, from Harry & Beans Coffee, brought up a couple gallons of the best coffee known to man.  Cooper set up his Skullcandy equipment...some of the hottest headphones on the market!  Vintage Soul Wetsuits set up a window and a rack for the event.  We had guys show up from as far North as Boston and as far South as Ocean City Maryland...the bulk were from Cape May to Brooklyn and all points in between. 

The focus of the event was the surfboard!  There must have been 130 boards from the 60's, 70's, 80's to modern waveriding equiptment.  Everything from a super vintage Hobie balsa, to a few Hap Jacobs, quite a few Dewey Webers, a multitude of Hansens, lots of Bings, a Bolt, a couple of Cooperfish and lots more eye candy on hand.  The characters were in full force including at least 3 local shapers (not that many for CA but real good for NJ) a couple of nationally recognized artists, a surfshop owner from the Manatee Surf Shop in the 50's and 60's, lots of local legend waveriders, Tator, a local cameraman filming the event and a slew of others.  Pat brought the goods for the BBQ and Dave did the cooking.  The highlights for me were a navy blue Hap Jacobs Wegener Crusader Model with a big old palaunia wood D fin and 1 inch stringer...near mint condition...and a early 60's VW single cab in real nice shape.

Everyone in attendance had a great time...thanks to all that helped and attended.  I'll see you in September for the next the mean time, may we all get some great waves!
the calm before the storm

the layout looking South

a bit more action

Jamie Kelly's fine crafted artthe VW single cab
some inside actionmore boardsnice McCoy, G&S and a Zephyr

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old School Board Swap - This Sunday 9am through the day

We've got our 4th Annual old school Spring boardswap going on this Sunday in front of the shop. Things start up at 9am and run throughout the's always a great time with some unreal boards and people. Join the festivities.

Check out the link below to see details as well as SOME of the boards that will be there

Lance Carson...Malibu

Lance Carson at of the most stylish noseriders on the planet! Lance is a true surfing hero...a real live character. Check out his style.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Castles in the Sky World Premier...Had a great time!

Last night, I went into New York City for the World Premier of Taylor Steele's new movie Castles in The the Tribeca Cinema.  Local friend and sales rep, Chris Cooper (Skullcandy, Sanuk, Ando & Friends and plenty more) gave my buddy Bob Ellis and I the invite to come and join him for a great night!  After picking up some South Beach Mantoloking sand and a bunch of Coronitas, we jumped in the van and headed in. Bob's a master of NYC driving and got us to Saturdays Surf Shop in SOHO for a cool time sponsored by Cooper and Skullcandy.  An unreal guacamole bar, some great coffee, a few cold ones, a real cool shop with a great back courtyard and some serious surfing hipsters.  We got to hang with Taylor Steele, Dan Malloy and some of the film crew...the music guy and the cameramen.

Saturdays Surf Shop...Soho
inside the shop...

Hipsters in the courtyard
After some story, we headed over to the Tribeca Cinema to catch the premier.  The place was mobbed with all sorts...surfers, models, wannabees, film people and more hipsters...more Greek Fisherman hats and tight jeans than needs to be in one place.  The premier as well as the movie tour is being sponsored by Skullcandy (among others), so Cooper had his set up and was doing his thing...the man knows how it's done!  There was a real cool Art Exhibit/silent auction going on, with proceeds going to Wave of Health. 

Machado in Peru.
Iceland artwork...
scene from above...Bob down below- Tribeca Cinema
Cooper, making things work...
We got to sit in the VIP theater with the main guys and view the film in a small setting. The movie was set in some real cool, off the beaten track places...Iceland, India, Viet Nam, Peru and Africa. Some of the world's best surfers graced the screen...Dan Malloy, Jordy Smith, Rasta, Machado, Kalani Robb and Dane Reynolds to mention a few. I won't ruin it for you, but Taylor and crew did a great job of capturing the people, the culture, the surf and overall vibe of the countries they visited. They surfed in some unreal spots with beautiful scenery and awesome people. What sits highest in my memory is Dan Malloy in Iceland, Rasta in India and Rob Machado getting some crazy long barrell rides in Peru.

When all was done, grabbed a tasty NYC burger and headed back to the beach. Thanks to Cooper and Bob, a memorable night was had.

I've seen lots of surf movies and this one shouldn't be missed! Scheduled to come out in June...we'll be sure to run it at our backyard movie night this summer!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Delivery from Lance Carson...tees & hats

Just got in some super smooth tees and hats from legendary Malibu noserider, Lance Carson...aka "no pants Lance"  Get em while they're here.

Rainbows are Nice...

Restocked the smooth leather sandals from Rainbow...really classic.