Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old School board swap...always one on my favorite days.

The swap went off great.  We had a real good turnout...boardspace was limited by 8:30 am, but more space was made.  Harry Gale, from Harry & Beans Coffee, brought up a couple gallons of the best coffee known to man.  Cooper set up his Skullcandy equipment...some of the hottest headphones on the market!  Vintage Soul Wetsuits set up a window and a rack for the event.  We had guys show up from as far North as Boston and as far South as Ocean City Maryland...the bulk were from Cape May to Brooklyn and all points in between. 

The focus of the event was the surfboard!  There must have been 130 boards from the 60's, 70's, 80's to modern waveriding equiptment.  Everything from a super vintage Hobie balsa, to a few Hap Jacobs, quite a few Dewey Webers, a multitude of Hansens, lots of Bings, a Bolt, a couple of Cooperfish and lots more eye candy on hand.  The characters were in full force including at least 3 local shapers (not that many for CA but real good for NJ) a couple of nationally recognized artists, a surfshop owner from the Manatee Surf Shop in the 50's and 60's, lots of local legend waveriders, Tator, a local cameraman filming the event and a slew of others.  Pat brought the goods for the BBQ and Dave did the cooking.  The highlights for me were a navy blue Hap Jacobs Wegener Crusader Model with a big old palaunia wood D fin and 1 inch stringer...near mint condition...and a early 60's VW single cab in real nice shape.

Everyone in attendance had a great time...thanks to all that helped and attended.  I'll see you in September for the next the mean time, may we all get some great waves!
the calm before the storm

the layout looking South

a bit more action

Jamie Kelly's fine crafted artthe VW single cab
some inside actionmore boardsnice McCoy, G&S and a Zephyr

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