Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surf Movie Night...Friday, July starts at 7pm and Movie at 8:30 - played on the front of the shop.

Lots of shops are having movie nights...and that's cool, but we decided to switch things up a bit and dig deep...all the way back to 1975!  A good friend of mine came by the shop today and was so jazzed about a movie that he remembered as a kid and was able to find re-mastered on DVD!  Mike has seen a ton of surf films spanning 40 years and tells me this one is one of the best...we'll also play 'A Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch' as a bonus (this is the flick that Mike tells me is actually The Best).  Both of these give us a look back to when single fins ruled and some of the most inspirational surfing was being done...Wayne Lynch, Buttons MP, Rabbit, Gerry Lopez...all of the 70s big boys.   I'm so pumped and blessed that brother Mike shared this with us...come watch Tubular Swells on the big (well pretty big) screen.

As always, this a FREE Community Event and should be an awesome time.

Sponsored by local icon Chris Cooper of Sanuk, Spy, Skullcandy and many other great things...DJ Trish will be spinning tunes untill it's there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Wall of Fame. Local boys riding Local sliders...

Over the past few weeks, we added to our shop's Wall of Fame.  Some killer shots and all are within a mile of the shop!  Custom made bamboo frame..stop in and check it out!  most of the photos are from Joanne O'Shaugnessy...thanks!

runs across the bamboo frame...

south swell barells...

barrells and noserides...gets no better.

Johnny Boy and the Kripahne brothers.

A few 'New' Used boards hit the racks...2 Bings and a Jacobs...super smooth.

Matt Calvani shapes both Bing and Jacobs Surfboards.  They recently moved operations down to San the famed 'Hill', taking over the Channin Factory.  Here are a few clasic examples of Matt's crafstmanship.

A 9'3" Jacobs Noserider, a 9'0" 3 stringer Bing DT Speed Shape and a 7'8" Bing Kharma...
Like new...

speed shape glass on...noserider boxed

crop circles in the resin.

rootbeer medal-flake

some presure dents but in nice shape.

smooth color job

New Beach House tye-dyes for GROMS...embroidered hats and visors back in.

Get em while they're hot and in stock...something new.
grom tye-dyes...yewww

embroidered hats and

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beach House Movie Night and Art Show...sponsored by Insight -Saturday July 9th, 6-10pm

Our 2nd Movie Night of the Summer will be Tomorrow Night, Saturday July 9th.  We've got an art show sponsored by Insight Clothing, featuring Peter Crawford and Steve Gorrow...Get Off My Cloud.  Starts up at 6pm with a Surf Movie to follow at dusk...FREE of CHARGE.  Bring your beach chair and have a rad time.