Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A couple more handboards in the shop...Bridge Ave. Bodysurfing Boards.

Hand made by local craftsman George Nicholas...polyester foam, fiberglass and resin. Awesome jog George!
Top view...

bottom view...

bottom contour...

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Harbour Model - coming this Spring...

Harbour is making a few new models...the Super Revolver is coming to the Beach House this spring.

Super Revolver template

Super Revolver NEW!  We have taken the Spherical Revolver to another level with this shape. A two plus one set-up with more rocker, tunnels next to the fins, slight mid board concave, and a bit wider there too. Truly a stunning difference, this board is really alive!

Sketch lam...on the new models

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bing and Jacobs Surfboards at Sacred Craft 2011

Sacred Craft 2011 is going on as we speak...Bing and Jacobs Surfboard shaper Matt Calvani is there doing what he does best...shaping.  Here's a super cool mentor/apprentice photo of Matt shaping a Bing Pipeliner with Bing Copeland looking on.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mal-Mar Surfboards...a little bit of Island Beach, NJ history.

I  came across a forum posting looking for information about a 1960s surfboard, for sale in New Jersey...the label was "Mal-Mar Surfboards".  I remember talking with "Balsa" Bill Yerkes a few years back about locally made surfboards from the 1960s...this one rang a bell.  I remember him telling me that "Mal Mar" meant "bad ocean" or "sea sickness"...not so cool on a surfboard.   I contacted him and here's what he had to say...
Hi Eric,
It was Johnny Mara and Joe Malozzi. They summered in Lavallette. Johnny had been a lifeguard. Don't
know about Joe.  They started out with homemade boards and were weekend surfers. They surfed with Charlie Keller, Jimmy Crecca, Jack Homer, Richie Baron, the Mrozak brothers (Archie and Bobby), and a couple of other brothers who's name I forgot.

They were all out the first day I paddled out in Lavallette on my homeade board in 1962. Actually I had surfed on a neighbor's 8' Aquaplane in the late fifties but it was hard to stand on. Flat with no fin. I had come back from California in 1961 and we built a board that winter.

In 1964 or '65 Johnny and Joe started making boards under the Mal Mar label in North Jersey somewhere. Probably in their garage or basement. They didn't make many. A friend of mine had one. And Bobby Ekstrom won the Atlantic States in Seaside the first year (1964?) on one of their first homemade no label models. I had almost bought the board but bought a custom Keller instead.
I remember they had one that said "Playboy" on it. Don't know if it said Mal Mar too. Their first
boards didn't have a label. That's true of most of the homemade's from that era.

Last time I saw them was at Charlie Keller's funeral. 1996


Bill is a very integral part of our local surfing history...and a really nice guy as well.  Through the 1960s, from Point Pleasant to Seaside Park...Balsa Bill has some serious knowledge!  You can check out his 60s surf film, "The Summer of '67" at the shop.

Yesterday, the board we're talking about came into the Beach House.  A real nice guy from Long Island (Xavier) came in and had just picked it up...small world.  I took the shots below and wanted to share the story.

Xavier with his new stick...

Real nice condition Tyler 305 that came into the shop...

This weekend, a 9'6" Tyler 305 made it's way into the shop...For Sale.  It's in real nice condition and waiting to find a good home...need more details, call the shop 732-714-8566.
Deck shot...

Bottom shot...

From Tyler's site:
The 305 Model is the new millennium Zeke, designed by Tyler and his father. It has a slight concave and flatter nose to enhance noseriding and slight tail rocker to improve turns.

9’2″ to 10’0″
Nose 19 1/4″, Tail 16″
Width 23 1/2″ Thickness: 3 1/8″
Soft 50/50 rails and slight nose concave
Stringer 5/16″ Bass single
6x10oz Volan Deck, 10oz Bottom


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old School Swap Meet - Sunday April 10th...be there.

It's that time of year again...actually we're running things a month or so earlier than usual.  It's been a long, cold winter and it's time for surfboards and a good time!  Pat and I started this tradition 5 years ago and it picks up steam each year...we'll get 100 plus boards out if front, around the side and in back of the shop.  We attract people from Cape May to Brooklyn and as far as Virginia Beach and Boston...it's a really cool event that I look forward to every Spring and Fall.  The focus is on "Vintage" riders from the 60s, 70s and 80s...lately we've extended things to include modern day longboards, alternative and solution boards as well.  We'll get some classic skateboards and some surfing memorabilia from time to time.  It attracts all types from  collectors, surfers, long-time members of the surfing community and people that just love the surf culture.  We'll have some food and drink...Harry usually brings the coffee and we roll out the BBQ later in the day.

It's different than other "Board Swaps" because we just supply the place and the atmosphere for the event to happen.  We don't take any money or force you to take store credit for what you've sold.  It's another event that we, at the Beach House put together to continue to build a Surfing Community in our neck of the woods...that's what it's all about; surf culture.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Neck deep in repairs...lots of boards coming in for fixing.

My indoor surfboard repair facility has been upgraded...full on fluorescent lights installed through the whole space as well as electrical outlets all over!  No more running extension cords and blowing fuses...Herman is the man!

With the economy being what it is, board repairs are coming out of the woodwork.  Everything from tiny rail dings to full on restorations.  I've seen more boards in the past 2 months than I had most of last year...I love the work but can't wait to get caught up.  Even better...I can't wait to get outside, much better for the lungs.  If you've got boards that need to be repaired, bring em in...here's a quick glimpse at my new room.  Enjoy your day!
my tools...and a Campbell Brother's Bonzer

Monday, March 7, 2011

Duke Kahanamoku...interviewed by Bruce Brown.

I came across this short interview of Duke by Bruce Brown...classic.  Both of these guys have effected surfing in ways that can never be measured.  Duke for his Aloha and his surfing skills and Bruce Brown for the Endless Summer.