Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jay Riddle...1970 from Jamie Budge's "The Californians"

Some awesome, awesome footage of really progressive surfing!  Keep in mind that this footage is from 1970 Yeah, 1970!  One minute he's carving a roundhouse cut back, then pulling the fins out into a 360 and then noseriding...all on the same wave and all on a 7'6" semi gun that was super narrow...pretty cool.  Enjoy

Yeah...we have a few copies of the movie in stock.

Patagonia Wetsuits...R2s, R3s and R4s in stock. See what their Ambassadors have to say about them.

Got in some Patagonia wetsuits...super smooth and super warm!  Still have some R2 fulls, some R3 fulls and just got in some R4 fulls!  Also in the shop, some R3 and R4 gloves and some Boots as well...get them while thy last.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hal Jepsen's Longboarder

Keeping summer in your mind...really smooth footage.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gerry Lopez...just because.

A few years back, Patagonia invited myself and my manager at the time...Currie to come out to Ventura for a 'dealer camp'.  We got to fly to California and see their facilities, try FCD Surfboards and Patagonia wetsuits.  We stayed right on the pier and got a chance to meet Yvon Chounard, The Malloy Brothers, Mary Osborne, Mickey Munoz and the highlight of my trip, Gerry Lopez.  One night Patagonia had a luau in honor of Gerry...we each got a copy of his book "Surf is Where You Find it" and had him sign it.  What an awesome, humble guy...shared stories untill you were done listening.

As a kid, I remember seeing photos and watching footage of Gerry at Pipeline and just wishing that I could do what he was doing even a fraction as smooth as he was making it look.  Gerry, in my eyes, is the epitome of style and grace under presure...he is the man.  Thanks Gerry and Patagonia for the opportunity!

Gerry...makin it look easy.