Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Swap...awesome day!

Today was an awesome day...great weather, great people, awesome boards, great food and drink! Thanks to everyone that came out and had a great time.  All of my family and friends that helped out, the OLC guys, local chargers and collectors. Thanks to Tony from Clean Ocean Surfboards, Jimmy from Harpoon Willys and Harry for the unreal coffee! We even got to share Jamie's 30th Birthday with everyone!  Lots of Hobies, 2 Greg Noll Cats, plenty of Webers, Jacobs, Bings, Bonzers & more.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A couple classics that hit the rack...

A couple of classics that hit the rack over the past couple of weeks...for Sale.

A 9'4" Vitage Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider...solid board, awesome rider,in a 5 or 6 condition.  Signed By Bing last year. You very rarely see these bad boys for sale.  $650

7'6" Aipa Stinger, winged pintail...mid 1970s gun. In really nice condition. $375

Parrish Lightning Bolt - my newest piece added

I just picked up a beautiful 6'8", early 70s Lightning Bolt rocket...from the original owner. Rey was stationed in Hawaii in the 70s and had Tom Parrish shape him a quiver of boards...all were chocolate brown with a mustard deck and a chocolate bolt.  Each one for different conditions..this one was for 6 to 8 foot Log Cabins.  You could feel the energy when you picked up the board...glassed on single fin with a tight swallow tail, a true gem!  Rey told me that he would go over to Tom's, where he would make them under the house...must have been an awesome time!  Thanks Rey, I am really blessed to have the board and will give it a ride as the surf picks up...I really appreciate it.