Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parrish Lightning Bolt - my newest piece added

I just picked up a beautiful 6'8", early 70s Lightning Bolt rocket...from the original owner. Rey was stationed in Hawaii in the 70s and had Tom Parrish shape him a quiver of boards...all were chocolate brown with a mustard deck and a chocolate bolt.  Each one for different conditions..this one was for 6 to 8 foot Log Cabins.  You could feel the energy when you picked up the board...glassed on single fin with a tight swallow tail, a true gem!  Rey told me that he would go over to Tom's, where he would make them under the house...must have been an awesome time!  Thanks Rey, I am really blessed to have the board and will give it a ride as the surf picks up...I really appreciate it.

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Alex Correa said...

Man, that is a real nice board.
Could you please give us the measurements?