Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check out this whale...right up the street from the shop!

I came across this footage of a large whale messing with bait fish right up the street from the shop...last week!  Only about couple hundred yards off shore.  I had heard about it, but hadn't seen the footage untill now...pretty cool.  Turns out I went to college with the gut that shot the video (Doug Commette - URI)

Monday, June 21, 2010

End of May swell brought some little peelers...Bay Head

Currie, stylin on a nice peeling left up the street from the shop...

Stay Close to the Soul Alaia

Dewey McKenna, local shop rat made this Alaia in woodshop...the kid's got soul!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tom Curren & J-Bay...there's no better match!

Tom Curren is my favorite surfer of all time and possibly the greatest, most influential surfer for guys growing up in my era!  Long point waves and his smooth, powerful style go hand in gets no better than this!  Watch and enjoy as Curren surfs J-Bay for the first time...enough said.  I love his description of the waves... "it was maybe 6 foot plus".

Summer 2010 Movie Nights kick off with a great turnout and a real good time...Saturday June 12th

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An awesome night was had by all in attendence this past Saturday night.  We played Taylor Steele's The Drifter, featuring the soulful surfing of Rob Machado.  The surf footage at this Indonesian Reef pass is insane...looks real nice on the big screen!  It makes you want to be Rob Machado for a day, just to get to surf the waves he does...  The movie was sponsored by the Beach House, Vintage soul Wetsuits and the Christian Surfers Manasquan...special thanks to Nestor Wagner and crew for the Surfers Bibles, stickers and 'Good News' books, but most importantly for the great vibes and all the help.   Vintage soul gave away some hats and raffled off a slick beavertail and long john, just in time for our water warm up!

Our next movie night will be Friday night, July 9th at and sponsors will be added later, but save the date for a good time.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bing Bonzer...original 1973 round nose rolled into the shop.

Decent weekend...this 5'10" round nosed Bing Bonzer came into my hands.  Looks like a decent shape and looks like a real fun rider!  Nice logo, really cool fins, and some extreme concaves.  The Bonzer was designed and created by Malcolm and Duncan Campbell...they went to Bing Surfboards with their design in 1973.  Mike Eaton, Bing's main shaper at the time, was shaping them and Malcolm was putting in the concaves...really progressive for its time.

Nice Looking Bonzer Eric. It would have been more like 1975 or later. Mike Eaton was in San Diego at the time he made the rounded noses and he also rounded the trailing edges of the Bonzer runners. I hope that sales will be good this year.