Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bing Bonzer...original 1973 round nose rolled into the shop.

Decent weekend...this 5'10" round nosed Bing Bonzer came into my hands.  Looks like a decent shape and looks like a real fun rider!  Nice logo, really cool fins, and some extreme concaves.  The Bonzer was designed and created by Malcolm and Duncan Campbell...they went to Bing Surfboards with their design in 1973.  Mike Eaton, Bing's main shaper at the time, was shaping them and Malcolm was putting in the concaves...really progressive for its time.

Nice Looking Bonzer Eric. It would have been more like 1975 or later. Mike Eaton was in San Diego at the time he made the rounded noses and he also rounded the trailing edges of the Bonzer runners. I hope that sales will be good this year.



dogleg said...

will you sell?
i've been after that particular board for a while.

Carlo said...

I´m from São Paulo - Brazil.

My brother has one like this

This Original Bing Bonzer was imported in 1980 from EUA to be a model from others shapers. This was never did.

Now i´m bringing back to the beach


P.S.:How is your value today ?