Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jay Riddle...1970 from Jamie Budge's "The Californians"

Some awesome, awesome footage of really progressive surfing!  Keep in mind that this footage is from 1970 Yeah, 1970!  One minute he's carving a roundhouse cut back, then pulling the fins out into a 360 and then noseriding...all on the same wave and all on a 7'6" semi gun that was super narrow...pretty cool.  Enjoy

Yeah...we have a few copies of the movie in stock.


joe said...

it was 1969 not 1967

dj trish said...

Put it on the list of movie night views!June will be here before you know!

SinglefinGlide said...

Joe, Thanks for checking things out...yeah, sorry about that. The header said 1967, but shortly after I posted, I changed it to 1970. If you listen to Jamie's naration, he says "Topanga in the early 70s". Still really progressive for 1970...Hope you enjoyed it.