Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harry & Beans Coffee hits the shop...again!

Saw Harry at the Board Swap and he dropped off another batch of his mouthwatering coffee.  We've got 2 blends...Single Fin Glide is a mix of Costa Rican and Sumatra - a bit smoother for those afternoon sessions.  The second is his Dawn Patrol Blend...it's a mix of Colombian , Kenyan, and Costa Rican - it packs more of a punch and is great before those early morning go-outs.

The taste is unreal...I think Harry says it best...

"I have three passions: my family, surfing and roasting the very best specialty coffee possible. Actually coffee is more of an obsession for me. I have spent countless hours perfecting the roasting process in the hopes of creating the ultimate coffee experience for my patrons..."    Harry

Click the link below to check out Harry's surfing and roasting styles...I truely believe that Harry is one of NJs best noseriders...watch and see!

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