Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A couple of new movies hit the shop today...stop in and check em out.

FEDEX just delivered a couple of new movies...both are well worth watching...

Mikey DeTemple's Sight/Sound...check out the trailor.

SIGHT from High Seas Films on Vimeo.

Next was Cyrus Sutton's newest release. Stoked & Broke.  WE HAVE FOUND the movie for our July 8th Movie Night...should be awesome on the big screen.  A super cool concept with some awesome surfing, a really smooth soundtrack and some interesting characters.  All I can say is I wanna surf Torrey Pines.

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dj trish said...

aha so thats what Derek was watching!He was glued to the set all day.he was like a zombie.I smacked him upside his head to snap him out of it but all he did was laugh.Some guy came in and help him up at gunpoint and he just ignored it.Sandy set off the fire alarm and that didnt help either.
Derek is a surf movie addict.
Wheres Dr Drew?