Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeper of the point - South of the Boarder...Baja Mexico...before it got to crazy!

Jusus, overlooking the break...look closely and you can see Johnny.
A few years back, I took a surf trip with 4 buddies to Baja Norte, Mexico. About an hour south of San Diego...we ran into some really fun surf! There was a nice right-hand, cobblestone point break just outside our house and a nice jetty set-up just to the real crowds and lots of fun waves! A giant 150 foot statue of Jesus Christ sat up on the could see it from the lineup...what a comforting feeling.

As the story was told to us, a local Mexican family bought some land and divided it into lots...when they sold the 1st lot, they made back their money. On the 2nd lot, they built this awesome statue to Thank God for what he had given them...really cool story.

The point outside our window...enough said.

the Original Taco Surf

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