Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jon Wegener's newest Project...the Bluegill model, alaia hybrid

I just got an update from Margaret at Bing & Jacobs Surfboards...check out Jon Wegener's newest project.  They're available for order from 5'8" to 8'0" and retail around $700.

DESCRIPTION: The Bluegill is Jon Wegener's response to the tentative alaia customer who may look at the alaia's lack of volume and shy away from trying one. While possessing the amazing speed and slidey turns of the alaia, the Bluegill also has the wave catching ability of its foam counterpart.
Applying wood on the rails to maintain an alaia's flex, a foam core for float, a flatter rocker line for speed, and a pair of miniature twin Pauwlonia wood fins for added stability, Jon has introduced a design that performs comparably to the alaia which everyone can enjoy. Not only are novice surfers now able to catch waves with the Bluegill and enjoy the speed of an alaia, but practiced alaia riders are also excited about the Bluegill because the ease of paddle gives them access to breaks with strong currents or that are far from shore, while still fulfilling the need for speed!

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