Friday, October 16, 2009

3rd Annual Kenny Tooker Longboard Classic

On October 4th, 2009 we helped run the 3rd annual KTLC...what an awesome day had by all! The waves were fun, the weather was great and the people that were therewere the best! Thanks to Krissy who runs and inspires the entire event and to everyone that helped out, making for a great day! We had more competitors than last year and the "old guys" division is growing...just as Kenny would have wanted it! I think Currie said it best in the Coast Star...That Kenny was looking down on us!
Since the festivities, I have seen a bunch of people that were at the event and everyone said they had an awesome time! Yesterday I spoke with Scott Dilatush and I think he had the best take on the whole day. He said that it wasn't really a contest, but a tribute to someone that had such a positive impact on all of our lives that we make the time to celebrate Kenny's life with such an awesome event! Ican only Hope that I have even half the impact that Kenny had! Eric

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