Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eddie Would Go!

On March 17th, 1978, one of the greatest Watermen in Hawaiian history was lost... EDDIE AIKAU. He was part of a crew that was re-enacting the 2,500-mile journey, following the ancient route of the Polynesian migration between the Hawaiian and Tahitian island chains. Aikau joined the voyage as a crew member of the Hokule'a, which left the Hawaiian islands on March 16, 1978. The double-hulled voyaging canoe developed a leak in one of the hulls and later capsized about twelve miles south of the island of Molokai. In an attempt to get help and save the crew, Aikau paddled toward Lanai on his surfboard...tragically, Aikau was never seen again. The ensuing search for Aikau was the largest air-sea search in Hawaii history. Let us pay homage to a great man.

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