Monday, November 15, 2010

4th Annual - Kenny Tooker Longboard Classic - 2010

DATE: September 25th, 2010
LOCATION: Karge Street, Bay Head
CONDITIONS: Waist to chest high and clean with offshore winds! Air 75 water 68

Each year, Kenny's wife Krissy gets together a crew of Kenny's best friends, family, helpers and sponsors and puts together an awesome event in his honor...this year was no exception and possibly the best yet. In Krissy's words: "Originally this event was being billed as a "contest" but, the gears have shifted to a more family oriented day and is now the Kenny Tooker Memorial Classic. It just seems more fitting .... Kenny was a Classic. Kenny lived each day with the Aloha spirit and that is something that will live on in all of us that were lucky enough to have crossed his path. This annual event is not to remind us of our loss, but more importantly, what we gained by knowing him." The event raises money for Scholarships given to Senior students from Point Pleasant High School in Kenny's name.

We had tons of volunteers from Surf Taco, The Beach House, Christian Surfers, Rock n Joe's Coffee, Skullcandy, Hyperflex Wetsuits, Single Fin, Dunkin Donuts to name a few...the list goes on and on!

Awesome, awesome day! I look forward to this day all year and am so happy that it worked out the way it did. Kenny does it every year…really makes everything come together. The waves, the weather, the people. I don’t think Karge St. has... broken that well in months. I can’t remember feeling so much aloha and stoke in the line-up and such great surfing in a really long time. I am blessed to be such a part of great day that celebrates Kenny’s impact on all of us. He was truly an awesome soul and it shows with the turnout that we get each year and how many people come out to help. I see so many guys that never surf contests and so many guys that don’t really longboard come out and join us for such a great day! I think Tom (Moran from Christian Surfers) made a great point when he said that we need to live each day like it’s our only day and make the most of each one.
God Bless, Eric

Photos courtesy of Joanne O'shaughnessy and Rob Tooker...thanks a ton.
The entry

The set-up

Alex good as it gets.

Dave Butler...Kenny's best bud.

Shane Beyer...takin the high line.
Brendan Kearny - stoked after winning his new Beach House Fish.

Currie Wagner...stylin.
Rob Beaton...on the nose of his classic Weber.
Caleb memory.

The Enforcer.

Tom Moran and Nestor...doin what's right.

Matt Lewis picks off a good 1.

D Mack in trim.
Dave Butler presenting Krissy with great appreciation.
Dave presenting to Kenny's Mom.
More photos, click below:

Joanne O'Shaugnessy's gallery
Rob Tooker's gallery

Women’s Longboard
1st – Joan “the Mole” Sapienza
2nd – Joanne Danneker
3rd – Debbi Pagels
4th – Becky Burt
5th – Margi W.

1st – Zachary Hildenbrandt
2nd – Connor Coulter
3rd- Stevo “the slicer” LoCicero
4th – Armand O’Keefe

Jr. Men’s Longboard
1st- Jon “repeat” Krippahne
2nd – Matt “big bro” Krippahne
3rd – Chris Stadler
4th – Johnny Buoye
5th – Shane “cross step” Beyer
6th – Ryan Bruett

Men’s Longboard
1st – Alex “ten toes” Barlow
2nd – Caleb "beardo" Fisher
3rd – Cory Kisiel
4th – Currie “local boy” Wagner
5th – James "the nose" Contreras
6th – Rory “the ripper” Wagner

Old Guy’s Longboard
1st – Bob  Duerr
2nd- Matt Lewis
3rd – Mike Sweeney
4th – Eric Beyer
5th – Steve “the Enforcer” Messenger
6th – Russ Terranova


dj trish said...

Looked like a nice day.Unfortunately I was not feeling well that day but I"LL BE BAAAACK!Trish

jun said...

The Beach House Fish looks amazing! Love it.

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Maria said...
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Maria said...

All right! Good on you guys, looks like you had an amazing day. Awesome job coming in second after living away from the ocean for so long Caleb, hope you and Krissy are doing great. Cheers! -Maria E.