Monday, April 11, 2011

8th Annual Board Swap goes off....

Yesterday was a great day...the best turnout we've had yet.  Had a chance to see some old friends and meet some new ones as well.  The front of the shop was loaded to the sidewalk with a really cool selection of boards from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and modern ones as well...not really sure how to spot a 90s board, but am sure there were some.  The place was packed with local legends, industry figures, groms and all in between...loaded with Real Surfers.  From what I saw, there were folks from Boston to Maryland and all had a great time.  The weather held out and there were even some waves to be had.

There was a real nice display of boards...from modern Hap Jacobs, Harbours, Bings, Phillips, Tylers, Yaters, Campbell Brothers Bonzers to old school pintails and logs.  Lightning Bolts, Gordies, Casters, Weber Performers, G&S...all for the taking.  My favorite was a transition era Velzy V bottom...really cool board.  And yes...there were some hipsters.

Thanks to al that came, helped out, bought boards, supplied the food, supported the shop and had a great time.

Check out Kirill's Gallery..all the way from Boston.

local legends. Carl, J Bevs, Scotty and Cliffy

Thanks toa ll for the use of the photos...much appreciated.


dj trish said...

Im glad it was a sucess!Sorry I never got down there!

brian said...


I just saw the JP Phil in the used board section of the shop and would like to know if its still available. I sent you a pm at I'll call the shop in the next few days. Thnx
Brian Grady