Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ride Everything mentality.

This is the start of our 16th year...crazy yes but 16 it is!  Seems like only yesterday.  We've always been from the 'ride everything' mentality...heck, we live on the East Coast...we need to ride everything. There's alot of board design going on out there right now...our FOCUS is on what we like to call Solution Boards.  Boards that allow us to catch lots of waves...whether they're weak and mushy or fast and hollow, these boards solve the problem with our beach breaks.  We need to catch waves early and get up and ride...if you're not catching the waves, you're not riding and if you're not riding then you're not having fun.  After all, isn't that what surfing is all about...having fun?

I think Richard Kenvin said it best..."We've got an infinite # of choices to do this thing...starting with no board at all. Most of us don't make a living competing with the best surfers in the world. It's a total delusion that we can't ride whatever we want...because we can ride whatever we want."  Richard Kenvin on waveriding - Idiosyncracies
Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to highlight the Shapers and the companies we carry...from Clean Ocean Surfboards to Hap Jacobs and Bing...to Harbour and Mitsven and Chaize Surfboards out of Asbury...sit back and enjoy.

Below are 3 mini Simmons that are FOR SALE in the shop...right now.

3 Mini Simmons

all handmade fins.  The COS has handmade bamboo twins, the mitsven twin, handmade ply and the mitsven quad, handmade glass

Misven's hand drawn tissue laminate


dj trish said...

Cool!I hope you have a summer of sucess!Any plans for music and movie night?Trish

lightly salted surf shop said...

congrats on the 16 years. milestones every year, and you got a bunch. i'd love to see the bings when you get them in...congrats again.