Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our sign was stolen...reward for it's return!

A couple of nights ago, Monday the 22nd, our original Beach House Classic Boardshop sign was stolen from the front of the shop...really uncool. It was our 1st sign made 16 years ago and has big sentimental value....please keep your eyes open so we can get it back.

Return the sign unharmed no questions asked...just hang it back where it was or put it by the front door! If we find you, penalties will be HUGE! The surf community is small and we know tons of people best have eyes in the back of your head! Big sentimental value that you can't put a price on!
Talked to the Bay Head Police...they're checking to see if the cameras at the Mount Street intersection show anything. The sign cost $1,100 back in longer a petty theft! I Hope someone returns it before things get hairy!  I've got some very angry friends just waiting to deal with the theft.


dj trish said...

Hi Eric
Talk about no respect.Grr!When my friend get hurt like this it makes me angry.Some punks are most likely laughing about this.NOT me.What has this world come to?

Brian Donohue said...

if you put out a little collection can during the board swap I'd be willing to throw in a few bucks as a reward fund. You could offer the money as a reward towards the sign's return. Or if it never turns up, to buy a new sign.