Monday, October 15, 2012

1974 US Surfing Championships - Cape Hatteras, NC - "It was Better Back then"

I had a really cool NYC surfer  come in to the shop yesterday...James Breslin, Son of  Pulitzer Prize winning writer Jimmy Breslin and a great writer in his own right.  This long time Long Island surfer was loaded with NY surf facts and stories and was a super nice was a very cool visit.  We got to talking about growing up surfing West Hampton and sharing lots of waves with the late NY surfing legend Ricky Rasmussen.  This led me to an article he participated in that was in New York Magazine 1982...a really sad story.
as well as this surfing footage from "It was better back then"...available at the Beach House.  It Was Better Back Then

This DVD includes the 1974 US Surfing Championships - Cape Hatteras NC - with Ricky Rasmussen, Tony Staples, Greg Loehr, Jim Cartland...really cool.  1974 US Surfing Championships

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