Monday, February 27, 2012

Clean Ocean Surfboards 2012 - gearing up for a good Spring!

Since we opened in 1996, Clean Ocean Surfboard has consistently been one of our best selling and best riding surfboard labels on our racks.  Having grown up surfing our beach breaks, Tony truly makes boards that work in our surf…from summertime crumblers to fall and winter Jersey juice.  Given that COS makes such a variety of models we are constantly offering custom board orders.

Clean Ocean Surfboards (COS) are hand crafted in Jacksonville, Florida, one at a time by Craftsmen/ shaper, Tony Iannarone, since 1993. Each one of these beauties is shaped, colored, glassed and sanded completely by hand, from start to finish…right in Clean Ocean Surfboards shaping & glassing factory. Tony, originally from Brick, NJ, started shaping boards in 1989, while finishing a Bachelors Degree at Jacksonville University.   From 1990 to 1992, he shaped boards in San Diego under a few labels, including Clean Ocean Surfboards. He worked along side William Graham, who specialized in big custom single fin guns for traveling surfers. William was committed to making boards as they were in the 70s, using resin tints and heavy glass, which was very uncommon at the time. In 1993, while working on his Master’s degree at Jacksonville University, he opened the Clean Ocean Surfboards factory where he has shaped and glassed ever since. Tony currently shapes everything from high performance shortboards and longboards to classic noseriders, guns, and modernized retro shapes. They are a full service glass shop specializing in 60s style resin tints, and volan work, while also offering ultra light performance glass jobs.
9'6" Chingona Norerider
Craftsmen Tony Iannarone

9'4" three stick Chingona Noserider

9'0" "The Juice" model...designed for Jersey beach favorite longboard model  of all time.

Chingona...3 stick

9'2" Midway

Round pin Midway

Hot 'go to' board

7'0" D'Evolution 2+1

5'6" & 5'8" Nano Plugs...2+1 fin set-up. 

The newly re-vamped King Fish...ready for Spring/Summer 2012
Quite a variety and this is just scratching the surface....stop in to check out our stock or to custom order one.

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