Thursday, February 16, 2012

A couple more cool things from the back wall of the shop...

We've got some intersting things around the shop....some cool stuff on the back wall leading into the employee lounge. 

the 'back wall' doors

This photo's a 1967 Harbour Surfboards ad. Hand signed by Rich Harbour.  It says "To Beach House Never Quit  Rich Harbour". That's super that I've been in the surf shop business going on my 17th year, I know why he wrote what he did. We've been carrying Harbour Surfboards for 16 years and they really are pieces of art and have a cult-like following.   It's a "Cheater Model" ad, explaining how well the Cheater rides in all sorts of conditions...I love the Walker Foam logoin the bottom right corner.

This is one of my's a mid 1960s Hap Jacobs Surfboards ad, signed by Hap as well as Robert August.  Cool surfing shots of Robert August, LanceCarson, Rick Irons and Dale Struble...all teamriders at the time.  I love the original Jacobs 422 Model outline.  We've been carrying Hap's boards for 16 years as of the nicest, most humble guys I've ever met.  He's a true class act anda true craftsman.

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