Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Couple more boards from the ceiling...Transition Era gunny sticks

Took a couple more shots of some boards on the ceiling...Trasition Era.

Mid 1970's Single fin...7'6" Ben Aipa Stinger.  A super cool piece of surf history that came out of New Image Surf Shop in Normandy Beach, NJ.

Aipa Stinger on the left...Slingerland SH gun on the right
 An 8'6" Surfboards Hawaii Makaha Gun...1972, Shaped and designed by Mike Slingerland.  Another real cool piece of Surfing History.  Purchased in Makaha circa 1972 and ridden in the Islands...back to NJ.

Stiger lam...and tail.

Aipa lam.          

SH Sligerland lam.

SH gun lam.

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dj trish said...

Very Cool!
I look forward to summer and music and movie nights!I look forward to Rockin with you and the Beach house posse!Yay!
Peace love and Music!