Thursday, January 20, 2011

An old Cat that wandered into the shop...

A little ways ago a Vintage Greg Noll Cat wandered into the shop...A solid example of Miki Dora's signature model.  It has seen more wear than it would have liked, but is still solid.  The fin is nice and in great shape,  the lam is in nice shape except the "greg Noll" is faded, there are no delams on the board, just dings and some water damage but not soft.  The board hasn't seen water in over 10 years and weighs real close to what it weighed when excess water weight.  9'8"...22 wide... 3 plus thick, 16" nose and 16" tail...FOR SALE  -*SOLD*



Noll and Dora lams...


Fin's side 2

bottom damage

tail damage


Beetlejuice said...

how much? Ship to Ca?

Beetlejuice said...
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SinglefinGlide said...

I'm asking $1,900...I can send more photos if needed and feel free to ask any questions. I would ship to CA if needed.