Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow...and More Swell. This past week, we got a little more of both.

This past Thursday, January 27th, we added more snow to our already large snowfall totals...with it came some nice waves.  I took a few photos...enjoy.

Mount Street peeler...up the road from the shop

Snow on Main Street.

Karge Street A-frame...wish you were here?

Someone's in that lefty


dj trish said...

Hi Eric
Gosh I miss you guys.Im so ready for this snow to melt.OK all this snowy days do give me an excuse to sit on my rearend and listen to music and think up new mixes BUT I do miss making my social rounds.Thank you for pictures of the beach so I remember what it looks like!
See you soon
Love your friends always

SinglefinGlide said...

Trish, soon enough you'll be back up to the beach...we miss seeing you're smiling face as well!
Stay warm,